Which region(s) are you interested in?

The map shows the regions where we currently have data from, and the names of the regions. You can select the region on the dropdown menu called 'Region'

How do you want to see species names?

You can choose whether you want to see the plots and data reported using common names or scientific names. Common names will often aggregate multiple species into the same genus

What do you want to do?

We currently have three main functionalities to the app:

Build Network

You can choose individual plants or individual pollinators and see which species interact with that pollinator or plant. This option is useful if you want to see which plants do bumble bees interact with? or how can I support Bombus occidentalis?

Get plants

This feature allows you to choose any number of plants that can maximize pollinator diversity (number of pollinator species supported), pollinator abundance (total number of pollinators supported) and phenological coverage (the most number of weeks of the year where plants are flowring and support the highest diversity)

Support crop

You can also choose a crop you want to support with a flower strip or a hedgerow. In BC we currently have the options for blueberries, cranberries and apples. Based on the crop you select and the features of the plants you select, we find the plants that have known pollinator visitors to those crops and then maximize the phenological coverage.

This app is a work in progress

Here are some of the features we want to implement in the future:

* Add more images of both the plants and pollinators

* Expand the geographic range to include Western North America

* Include citizen science data and other sources of data

If you have any feedback for us or would like to contribute data, please fill the following form

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Laura Melissa Guzman

E-mail: laura_melissa_guzman@sfu.ca


This app is developed by Laura Melissa Guzman, Tyler Kelly, Melissa Platsko, Leithen M'Gonigle, Lora Morandin and Elizabeth Elle in collaboration with Pollination Partnership and the Native Bee Society of British Columbia.

Data contributors:

The data for this app was collected by Dr. Elizabeth Elle, students, and postdocs from the Elle lab.

Photo contributors:

The photos for this app were collected by Sarah Jonhnson.


This app uses an algorithm to calculate the phenological coverage, this algorithm was originally presented in:

M'Gonigle, Williams, Lonsdorf, Kremen. (2016) A Tool for Selecting Plants When Restoring Habitat for Pollinators. Conservation Letters. 10(1): 105-111


We want to thank Sarah Jonhnson, Elijah Rejes, Claire Kremen, Carly McGregor, Matthew Pennell and the Native Bee Society of BC for feedback.