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Recent updates:

  • Export words and counts for use in other cloud generators such as Wordart
  • Export words as plain text for use in other cloud generators such as SimpleWordCloud
  • Provide your own colour set using palettes generated by
  • New gallery and FAQ here
  • Other flavours of the app for PubMed and Semantic Scholar available here
  • Specify any plural words you want grouped with their singular equivalent
  • More responsive interface
  • Broaden date ranges to allow older papers to be included
  • Restrict the maximum size of high frequency words to avoid them dominating
  • New fancy colour schemes
  • Specify certain words to remain uppercase (or mixed case) using the Repair uppercase option
  • Allows user to provide either the entire URL or scholar ID
  • Use the transparency option to fade the colour for lower frequency words

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About this page:
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